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Southern England’s Premier MOT Tester Training Centre

MOT Consultancy

If you want to improve the performance and compliance of your vehicle testing station, we offer consultancy, with a former DVSA Vehicle Examiner who has an extensive knowledge of the MOT testing scheme.

Experienced MOT Consultant

We know that sometimes it can be tricky to find your way around the MOT scheme. You don’t tend to see so much of the DVSA examiners and quite often you feel like it’s a struggle to keep up with current rules and regulations for your Vehicle Testing Station.

Our consultant is a former DVSA Vehicle Examiner with an extensive knowledge of the MOT testing scheme; not only testing standards, but also the scheme rules and procedures.

Annual Third party Site Assessments

It is written in the VTS scoring guides for vehicle test stations that the DVSA will score stations more favourably that employ a third party to conduct Quality management audits.

This is a very popular choice with many vehicle testing stations because there is no annual subscription cost, just pay as you go!

Third Party Annual Site Assessment

With Six-monthly Health Check

Designed for the VTS that wants to take control of the quality management of their test station. An annual assessment is conducted to exact DVSA standards where advice and education will be given.

The six-monthly health check helps reassure you that your test station has correctly taken on board any advice and education.

(No annual subscription, pay as you go option available.)

Monthly QC Visits

A monthly visit for all testing staff to have QC checks conducted by a completely independent person who is trained to the highest standards.

Not only do you receive the quality control, but also the paperwork is completed for you and presented in a viewing friendly compliance folder.

Included in this option is your annual site assessment and report.

(No annual subscription, pay as you go option available.)

Representation Services

We all have the ability to make a mistake. However, in this line of work we can face heavy disciplinary action.

Why not let us represent you? We have highly trained to assist you in your time of need.

All cases are considered, and advice and guidance will be given in accordance with rules and procedures laid down in the 6th edition testing guide.

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